Thursday, 27 November 2014

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: ChristmasOnTheStreetZ 2014

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live without good food, clean water, clothes or a roof over your head? Have you ever wondered what it was like to watch your family starve and you could do nothing about it. Have you? Some people help out their fellow man in the best ways they know how. Some have never done anything for a stranger. What have you done? Have you reached out a helping hand to someone in need? Have you been supportive?

This is the time to show your appreciation. Every year, a few of us go out into the less privileged societies to share food and also to share whatever else we can get to the less privileged. We also sit down and have lunch with the kids. Toys and sweeties are also shared out to the kids. You can be a part of that too. #ChristmasOnTheStreetZ

Join us this year as we go into the slums of Makoko on the 25th of December by 10am. Monetary donations are needed. Food, clothes, books, toys and also anything you feel you can donate to us is more than welcome.
We also need volunteers to come out and work with us.

Date: 25th of December, 2014
Time: Meet up at Ozone cinemas in Yaba by 10am. Board bus to Makoko by 11am

You can follow us on twitter: @cots_ng

For monetary donations: Munachi Aniemena; UBA; 2059093752

For other donations please call us: 08120974315 or email:

For all other enquires, follow on twitter: @Ada_d_body or @madphury

“Christmas should not only be about celebrating Christ, but also reaching out to the poor and the needy in our society..” ~ Maddy

#ChristmasOnTheStreetz2014 #COTS2014 #COTS

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

FUN TIMES: #ChristmasOnTheStreetZ 2013

Lol I know this is coming super late but better late right? So here are some of our favorite pictures from the event last year. But first, let me thank everyone that made that day a huge success. Without the #OnTheStreetZ team, this day won't even have happened!!! So here u go.... ENJOY!!!!

Photo credit: Alistair for Alistair Englebert Preston & photography

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Muchos Gracias Mi Amigos!!!!!!!!!

After the event, I had it in mind to do a 'Thank you post' but i had to wait for the official pictures to come out and sooo here goes!

First of all, I want to thank Almighty God for making that day a HUGE success! Shout out every one that donated to our cause. Either in cash or in kind. WIthout you we would not have made that day a reality. YSG, Chocolate city, Classic fm, Toni Payne and all the amazing bloggers that put our event on their blogs, we thank you!

To the volunteers that left their families on Christmas day to come and have lunch with us... YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY ROCK! Like, what would I have done without you guys on that day! I still cannot articulate how i felt when I saw the gathering at Ozone... Amazing feeling really!
A big thank you also to the media crew who covered the event for us! Gbenga Sawyerr you rock! If you haven't already, here's a video. Others come up when u watch it as well --->

And Lastly, what would I have done without the backbone of this event, Ms Maddie!! Words cannot fully explain how AWESOME you are! I love u mucho!

Oya here u go.. Enjoy these amazing pictures by THE Alistair E. Preston! He rocks!