Thursday, 6 December 2012

Of Donations and More...

First of all.. ( I know you said 'go down low' don't lie Lol) We wanna say a BIG thank you to everyone for responding in the past few days! Its been amazing hearing from everyone!

A couple of issues were brought up and I thought I'd address them.

Bank information is as follows:
Name: Munachi Aniemena (Our acting accountant)
Bank: UBA
Acct No: 2059093752

Also, if you feel as if you want to do more than donate money, you can also donate anything your heart leads you to. I'm talking about clothes, canned foods, books, stationaries et al. Just let us know and we will arrange for pick up or delivery.

If there are any health professionals that would like to volunteer their services to offer health services to the residents please feel free to contact me as soon as you can.

They could really use all the help they can get so please lets make this happen! :D

Please if you have a blog and you and want to support us, feel free to use any of our posts! We need more people to get involved!

Got questions? Of course you do!
Contact Us:

Ada (for GTN)           
Twitter: @ada_d_body
Tel: 08187145234

Twitter: @madphury
(Same email and number)


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