Sunday, 23 December 2012

Of That Day and more...

I was just telling Maddie how excited I am about Christmas Day being around the corner.. You know what this means yeah?? Yeah?? Loool yeah you guessed right!! CHRISTMAS ON THE STREETZ IS AROUND THE CORNER!!

Loool now that I have that out of the way, I need to make a few last minute announcements...

First of, a few people sent me emails about having problems while trying to enter their information on the spreadsheet from the last post. I am so sorry about that. If you had that problem, please feel free to send me an email. Or you can just leave a comment for me on here and I will take care of it from there.

Now, I know earlier I said everyone would meet up at City Mall, but there has been a slight change of plans. If you live on the Island, and you want to car pool or you don't know the way, please be at CITY MALL (TBS) on or before 10am sharp. Maddie will be leading the troupe from there. She will leave at exactly 10:15am. Please do not say I didn't say so.. There will be absolutely NO african time..

If you are on the Mainland, please be at OZONE (Yaba) by 10am. The group coming from City mall will meet us there and from there will leave for Makoko. We will leave by 11:00am sharp. This is just to give those coming from the island enough time. Once we leave, thats it. Again, I am a stickler for time and therefore there will BE NO AFRICAN TIME...

Buses will be provided for those who do not have transportation.

Dress Code:
Please come in jeans and a white tee/tank. The jeans can be any color but the white tee is a must please :)

Health Officers:
If you are a health officer please let me know.. Doctors or nurses.. Please let me know.. I will be coming with my First Aid kit just incase. But come prepared to help out if need be..

Please come prepared to help out in serving the residents.. Most of all come prepared to have fun :D

Call me on 08187145234


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